From preconception to postpartum we've got you covered!
From preconception to postpartum we've got you covered!

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Mark T.


Wow Renea really come thru for my wife and I and our new little one. We had another Doula and she couldn't be with us the night of our labor so Renea was the back up.
I was so happy she was there. She helped calm me calm mom and really set the mood for our child's birth. We did all natural so it was really intense. She stayed with us the whole time from house to birth center. Nearly 12 hours could have been more and it was all thru the night. We had our beautiful baby Daisy this morning at 5:05 am THANK YOU RENEA SUPER TALENTED!!!

Melissa J

My husband and I are so grateful for all the help Renea gave us at pregnancy and during labor.  During our prelabor visits, Renea went over a plethora of information of what to expect before labor and during.  She would spend time with us and made us feel genuinly cared for as clients; answering any questions we had.  Before and during labor, she was available via phone, text, email 24/7.  Her help during labor was indispensible.  We truly couldn't have asked for a more beautiful birthing experience.  She was also as helpful following delivery.  We highly recommend her without any hessitation whatsoever.  

Posted 1/22/2014

Vanessa O

Renea was my doula for the delivery of my first baby on 5/30/13. My goal was to deliver my baby naturally without any medication and/or pain relief and she was essential in being able to reach my goal. She was amazing throughout the labor and delivery process. My husband and I are forever grateful that we had Renea's presence at the birth of our baby girl. My husband and I truly believe without her, we would not have been able to reach my goal. Throughout the labor and delivery process she was an extra source of strength, encouragement and support for us. Renea is full of knowledge about pregnancy/childbirth and super supportive throughout the pregnancy process. Meeting with Renea throughout my pregnancy were so helpful for us. I highly recommend Renea and will always praise her for being such a wonderful doula.

Posted 7/18/2013


Renea is awesome!!! I would not have been able to get through the birth of my daughter without her. My husband was out of town on business when I gave birth. My mom and sister were with me but they had not gone through the Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth classes with me so I asked Renea if she would be my birthing coach, and she said yes. She met us at the hospital and immediately began helping me through contractions. Her speech was calm and comforting, she helped with speaking to hospital staff and keeping my husband up to date on my progress. She was a source of comfort and security while I was giving birth for the first time! I can't thank her enough for being there for my family! Even my sister and mom were so thankful to have her with us. You wont go wrong with having Renea as your Doula!!!

Posted 9/11/2012


My husband and I had a great experience with Renea. She was at our home the night before we were admitted to the hospital and she helped me out greatly with my breathing during contractions and relaxing as well. At the hospital, I honestly don't know what I would have done without her when the time came to push. Evenue after several hours of sitting with us in the hospital and lack of sleep, she was always there by our side. She was such an awesome guide and motivator that even the nurse was interested in where she learned her techniques! 

I would not not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. She would truly be an asset to any expecting mother. 

Posted 1/14/2014

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