Doula Services

There are two types of Doulas that can help support your family, Birth Doulas and Pospartum Doulas.




Initial Consultation
Free initial consultation to discuss prospective services and your individual needs.


2 (minimum) - Prenatal home visits
Educational information sharing and materials

Review the process/progression of labor and birth (if needed)

Phone or email consultations to discuss pregnancy progress and concerns
Impromptu get-to-gethers to "check-ins"

On-call availability
From week of signing support contract till labor

Call/Text when a possible concern arises

Call when you think you are in labor

Calls/Text during early labor for support

Available at any hour to meet you once you are in labor and need me

Labor and Birth Support

Provide support in Labor support at home, birthing center, or hospital (no time restrictions)

Suggestions for activities or positions to help labor progress

Support for laboring mom’s partner

Help with breathing and relaxation techniques


     Massage therapy

     Massage tools

     Peanut ball 

     Birthing ball (yours to keep)

     Rebozo (yours to keep)

     Aromatherapy and Essential Oil therapy (if desired)

     Heat/Cold packs

     CUB (Comfortable Upright Birth) birth chair

     Tens Units

     Labor pool (for laboring at home)

Help meet mother’s environmental needs for her comfort level for laboring

Being in contact or with mothe/partner throughout the entire labor and birth/delivery process

Partner Support
Aide coach/partner with understanding the progress of labor
Provide coaching support to help partner be involved in the birth
Provide information to help partner make informed decisions regarding care
Help coach/partner with positioning of mom
Help advocate for partner
Aide in attaining bonding time for partner/coach
Support during initial postpartum time

Postpartum Support
Staying with you for a few hours (2 avg/3 max) following birth
Help advocate for family bonding time
Help with initial breastfeeding
Postpartum visit within a week or so to review birth experience and additional questions
Additional breastfeeding support or referrals as needed once home

2 -Postpartum follow-ups once home

Fee for doula service package is all inclusive for all the care above
Want a complete package of care? Save a little on services? Add-on services and get care from pregnancy to postpartum, all from your same birth professional.

Total Care Add-Ons (for packages or individual services)
Birth Education
Lactation Support
Placenta services
           Choice of: Encapsulation, Prints or Keepsakes
            Follow-ups 1w, 3w, and 6w 
Bengkung Belly Binding -material and fitting
             1 subsequent fitting
             Packages for 3 or 5 fittings available     




Initial Consultation
Free initial consultation to discuss prospective services and your individual needs.


Prenatal Appointment

Discuss bringing baby home, supplies, products, nursery room set-up, coverage schedules


In-Hospital Support

Get off to a great start in-hospital with breastfeeding support, newborn care, and recovery support when included in your care plan.


In-Home  Support

In home support provides mom and newborn care and recovery to help facilitate the transition of bringing baby home and new parent responsibilities. Sleep training, newborn care, sibling care, mom care.


Your Virtual Doula©
Education and Consult Services
You match to your needs. Use the time as you need to. (Doula Support -Skype, Phone, Text)

~5 hours of education or consultation                              $125


~10 hours of education or consultation                            $275


~ 20 hours of education or consultation including laboring time consultations. $500  

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