From preconception to postpartum we've got you covered!
From preconception to postpartum we've got you covered!

Getting Insurance to pay for your Services

 For Parents

How to Request Insurance Reimbursement for Doula Services for Parents

_____ Pay your doula in full. Maintain a receipt.

_____ Make sure your invoice or receipt includes:

a. The doulas name, address, phone number and business name.

b. Social security number or taxpayer ID number

c. Locations, time and dates services were provided.

d. The CPT code for the services provided:

Group childbirth education classes 99078

Private childbirth education classes 99342

Labor Support 99499

Birth doula (99499) for Evaluation and Management Services/Labor Support. 

Postpartum doula services (99501 and/or 99502).

e. A diagnosis code Z32.2 Encounter for childbirth instruction, with  taxonomy code is 374J00000X.


f. The doula’s signature

_____ Within 2 weeks of birth submit the invoice with a claim form to your insurance company.

_____ Within 4 weeks, expect a letter explaining if the claim is covered. They may request the following:

a. they need additional information.

b. this is not a covered expense.

You can do the following, ask your doula for:

a. a copy of her certification (if she is certified) if not certified a letter of training. The letter of training will come from her training organization. It may be a verification of training or an outline of training components.

b. other credentials or relevant training, education and certifications. This can be a resume, copies of certificates, etc..

c. a letter detailing professional training and experience and what the doula did for you, written by the doula.

Other steps you can take are to:

Ask your care provider to send you a brief letter stating the benefit of the doula and how did the doula save money.

Write a personal letter explaining why a doula benefited you and fit into your overall care plan.

Submit the information to your insurance provider.

If the claim is refused follow up with Health Services, explain your wishes in a letter and follow up with a phone call explaining why you feel it is essential th



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